Physician Assistants & Advanced Practice Nursing Providers Taxonomy Group

The physician assistants & advanced practice nursing providers taxonomy group categorized under the "individuals" codes and includes 58 unique taxonomy codes. A broad grouping of providers who are: 1) trained, educated, and certified to perform basic medical and minor surgical services (or to assist the physician in performance of more complex services) under general physician supervision; and 2) trained, educated at a post-graduate level, and certified to perform autonomous and specialized roles as nurse practitioners, midwives, nurse anesthetists, or clinical nurse specialists.

Code Classification Specialization Definition
367A00000XAdvanced Practice MidwifeMidwifery practice as conducted by certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) and certified midwives (CMs) is the independent management of women's health care, focusing particularl...
367H00000XAnesthesiologist AssistantAn individual certified by the state to perform anesthesia services under the direct supervision of an anesthesiologist. Anesthesiologist Assistants are required to have...
364S00000XClinical Nurse SpecialistA registered nurse who, through a graduate degree program in nursing, or through a formal post-basic education program or continuing education courses and clinical experi...
364SA2100XClinical Nurse SpecialistAcute Care
364SA2200XClinical Nurse SpecialistAdult Health
364SC0200XClinical Nurse SpecialistCritical Care Medicine
364SC1501XClinical Nurse SpecialistCommunity Health/Public Health
364SC2300XClinical Nurse SpecialistChronic Care
364SE0003XClinical Nurse SpecialistEmergency
364SE1400XClinical Nurse SpecialistEthics
364SF0001XClinical Nurse SpecialistFamily Health
364SG0600XClinical Nurse SpecialistGerontology
364SH0200XClinical Nurse SpecialistHome Health
364SH1100XClinical Nurse SpecialistHolistic
364SI0800XClinical Nurse SpecialistInformatics
364SL0600XClinical Nurse SpecialistLong-Term Care
364SM0705XClinical Nurse SpecialistMedical-Surgical
364SN0000XClinical Nurse SpecialistNeonatal
364SN0800XClinical Nurse SpecialistNeuroscience
364SP0200XClinical Nurse SpecialistPediatrics
364SP0807XClinical Nurse SpecialistPsychiatric/Mental Health, Child & Adolescent
364SP0808XClinical Nurse SpecialistPsychiatric/Mental Health
364SP0809XClinical Nurse SpecialistPsychiatric/Mental Health, Adult
364SP0810XClinical Nurse SpecialistPsychiatric/Mental Health, Child & Family
364SP0811XClinical Nurse SpecialistPsychiatric/Mental Health, Chronically Ill
364SP0812XClinical Nurse SpecialistPsychiatric/Mental Health, Community
364SP0813XClinical Nurse SpecialistPsychiatric/Mental Health, Geropsychiatric
364SP1700XClinical Nurse SpecialistPerinatal
364SP2800XClinical Nurse SpecialistPerioperative
364SR0400XClinical Nurse SpecialistRehabilitation
364SS0200XClinical Nurse SpecialistSchool
364ST0500XClinical Nurse SpecialistTransplantation
364SW0102XClinical Nurse SpecialistWomen's Health
364SX0106XClinical Nurse SpecialistOccupational Health
364SX0200XClinical Nurse SpecialistOncology
364SX0204XClinical Nurse SpecialistOncology, Pediatrics
367500000XNurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered(1) A licensed registered nurse with advanced specialty education in anesthesia who, in collaboration with appropriate health care professionals, provides preoperative, i...
363L00000XNurse Practitioner(1) A registered nurse provider with a graduate degree in nursing prepared for advanced practice involving independent and interdependent decision making and direct accou...
363LA2100XNurse PractitionerAcute Care
363LA2200XNurse PractitionerAdult Health
363LC0200XNurse PractitionerCritical Care Medicine
363LC1500XNurse PractitionerCommunity Health
363LF0000XNurse PractitionerFamily
363LG0600XNurse PractitionerGerontology
363LN0000XNurse PractitionerNeonatal
363LN0005XNurse PractitionerNeonatal, Critical Care
363LP0200XNurse PractitionerPediatrics
363LP0222XNurse PractitionerPediatrics, Critical Care
363LP0808XNurse PractitionerPsychiatric/Mental Health
363LP1700XNurse PractitionerPerinatal
363LP2300XNurse PractitionerPrimary Care
363LS0200XNurse PractitionerSchool
363LW0102XNurse PractitionerWomen's Health
363LX0001XNurse PractitionerObstetrics & Gynecology
363LX0106XNurse PractitionerOccupational Health
363A00000XPhysician AssistantA physician assistant is a person who has successfully completed an accredited education program for physician assistant, is licensed by the state and is practicing withi...
363AM0700XPhysician AssistantMedical
363AS0400XPhysician AssistantSurgical