Technologists, Technicians & Other Technical Service Providers Taxonomy Codes

List of Level II - Classification Taxonomy Codes

The technologists, technicians & other technical service providers taxonomy group categorized under the "individuals" codes provider grouping and includes 65 unique taxonomy codes. A broad category grouping providers who apply scientific knowledge in solving practical or theoretical problems or applies technical procedures in accordance with their training and experience.

Code Classification Specialization Definition
242T00000XPerfusionistA perfusionist operates extracorporeal circulation and autotransfusion equipment during any medical situation where it is necessary to support or temporarily replace the patient's circulatory or respiratory function. The perfusionist is knowledgeable concerning the variety of equipment available to perform extracorporeal circulation functions and is responsible, in consultation with the physician, for selecting the appropriate equipment and techniques to be used.
243U00000XRadiology Practitioner AssistantA Radiology Practitioner Assistant (RPA) is a health professional certified as a registered radiographer with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) and, in addition, is credentialed to provide primary radiology health care with radiologist supervision. Radiology Practitioner Assistants are qualified by graduation from an educational program recognized by the Board of Directors of athe Certification Board for Radiology Practitioner Assistants (CBRPA) and certified by the CBRPA. Within the Radiologist/RPA relationship, Radiology Practitioner Assistants exercise autonomy in decision making in the role of a primary caregiver with regard to patient assessment, patient management and in providing a broad range of radiology diagnostic and interventional services. The clinical role of the Radiology Practitioner Assistant includes primary and specialty care in radiology practice settings in rural and urban areas.
246Q00000XSpecialist/Technologist, Pathology(1) An individual educated and trained in clinical chemistry, microbiology or other biological sciences; and in gathering data on the blood, tissues, and fluids in the human body. Tests and procedures performed or supervised center on major areas of hematology, microbiology, immunohematology, immunology, clinical chemistry and urinalysis. Education and certification requires the equivalent of an associate degree and alternative combinations of accredited training and experience. (2) A specially trained individual who works under the direction of a pathologist, other physician, or scientist, and performs specialized chemical, microscopic, and bacteriological tests of human blood, tissue, and fluids. Also known as medical technologists, they perform and supervise tests and procedures in clinical chemistry, immunology, serology, bacteriology, hematology, parasitology, mycology, urinalysis, and blood banking. The work requires the correlation of test results with other data, interpretation of test findings, and exercise of independent judgment. The minimum educational requirement (for one of several certification programs in medical technology) is a baccalaureate degree with appropriate science course requirements, plus a twelve-month, structured, AMA approved medical technology program and an examination; or a baccalaureate degree with appropriate science course requirements and experience.
246QB0000XSpecialist/Technologist, PathologyBlood Banking
246QC1000XSpecialist/Technologist, PathologyChemistry
246QC2700XSpecialist/Technologist, PathologyCytotechnology
246QH0000XSpecialist/Technologist, PathologyHematology
246QH0401XSpecialist/Technologist, PathologyHemapheresis Practitioner
246QH0600XSpecialist/Technologist, PathologyHistology
246QI0000XSpecialist/Technologist, PathologyImmunology
246QL0900XSpecialist/Technologist, PathologyLaboratory Management
246QL0901XSpecialist/Technologist, PathologyLaboratory Management, Diplomate
246QM0706XSpecialist/Technologist, PathologyMedical Technologist
246QM0900XSpecialist/Technologist, PathologyMicrobiology
246R00000XTechnician, PathologyAn individual with knowledge of specific techniques and instruments who performs all of the routine tests in a medical laboratory and who has the ability to discriminate between similar factors that directly affect procedures and results.
246RH0600XTechnician, PathologyHistology
246RM2200XTechnician, PathologyMedical Laboratory
246RP1900XTechnician, PathologyPhlebotomy
246W00000XTechnician, CardiologyAn individual who has knowledge of specific techniques, instruments, and equipment required in performing specific cardiovascular/peripheral vascular diagnostic procedures.
246X00000XSpecialist/Technologist CardiovascularAn allied health professional who performs diagnostic examinations at the request or direction of a physician in one or more of the following three areas: invasive cardiology, noninvasive cardiology, and noninvasive peripheral vascular study. Cardiovascular technologists are one type of allied health professional for which the Committee on Allied Health Education and Accreditation has accredited education programs
246XC2901XSpecialist/Technologist CardiovascularCardiovascular Invasive Specialist
246XC2903XSpecialist/Technologist CardiovascularVascular Specialist
246XS1301XSpecialist/Technologist CardiovascularSonography
246Y00000XSpecialist/Technologist, Health InformationAn individual with a high school diploma, on-the-job experience and coding education from seminars or college classes who passes a national certification examination in either inpatient and outpatient facility services coding, or physician services coding.
246YC3301XSpecialist/Technologist, Health InformationCoding Specialist, Hospital Based
246YC3302XSpecialist/Technologist, Health InformationCoding Specialist, Physician Office Based
246YR1600XSpecialist/Technologist, Health InformationRegistered Record Administrator
246Z00000XSpecialist/Technologist, OtherGeneral classification identifying individuals trained on specific equipment and technical procedures in one of a collection of miscellaneous healthcare disciplines.
246ZA2600XSpecialist/Technologist, OtherArt, Medical
246ZB0301XSpecialist/Technologist, OtherBiomedical Engineering
246ZB0302XSpecialist/Technologist, OtherBiomedical Photographer
246ZB0500XSpecialist/Technologist, OtherBiochemist
246ZB0600XSpecialist/Technologist, OtherBiostatistician
246ZC0007XSpecialist/Technologist, OtherSurgical AssistantA surgical assistant is a skilled practitioner who has undergone formalized education and training as a surgical assistant. The surgical assistant performs surgical functions that include, but are not limited to: retracting, manipulating, suturing, clamping, cauterizing, litigating, and tying tissue; suctioning, irrigating and sponging; positioning the patient; closure of body planes and skin; and participating in hemostasis and volume replacement. Surgical assistants are certified and registered or licensed by the state, or, in states without licensure, certified as surgical assistants by completing appropriate education and training.
246ZE0500XSpecialist/Technologist, OtherEEG
246ZE0600XSpecialist/Technologist, OtherElectroneurodiagnostic
246ZG0701XSpecialist/Technologist, OtherGraphics Methods
246ZG1000XSpecialist/Technologist, OtherGeneticist, Medical (PhD)
246ZI1000XSpecialist/Technologist, OtherIllustration, Medical
246ZN0300XSpecialist/Technologist, OtherNephrology
246ZS0410XSpecialist/Technologist, OtherSurgical TechnologistSurgical technologists are allied health professionals, who are an integral part of the team of medical practitioners providing surgical care to patients. Surgical technologists work under the supervision of a surgeon to facilitate the safe and effective conduct of invasive surgical procedures, ensuring that the operating room environment is safe, that equipment functions properly, and that the operative procedure is conducted under conditions that maximize patient safety. Surgical technologists possess expertise in the theory and application of sterile and aseptic technique and combine the knowledge of human anatomy, surgical procedures, and implementation tools and technologies to facilitate a physician's performance of invasive therapeutic and diagnostic procedures.
246ZX2200XSpecialist/Technologist, OtherOrthopedic AssistantAn Orthopaedic Assistant is a person who has been trained to work as a physician extender in both clinical and surgical environments. An Orthopaedic Assistant assists with aspects of patient care as determined by the supervising surgeon including, but not limited to, obtaining patient history, assisting with examinations, injections, recording of office notes, and application/adjustment/removal of splints, casts, and other immobilization devices. Acting as a surgical first assistant for orthopaedic surgery cases includes providing aid in exposure, hemostasis, positioning of the patient, suturing and closure of body planes and skin, application of wound dressings or immobilization devices, and other technical functions that will help the surgeon carry out a safe operation with optimal results for the patient. An Orthopaedic Assistant may be licensed, registered, or certified depending on the state in which the individual practices.
247000000XTechnician, Health InformationPreferred term for an Accredited Record Technician who is an individual with an associate's degree from an accredited college or independent study program who is skilled in analyzing health information and in examination of medical records for accuracy, reporting of patient data for reimbursement, and creation of disease registries for researchers.
2470A2800XTechnician, Health InformationAssistant Record Technician
247100000XRadiologic TechnologistAn individual who is trained and qualified in the art and science of both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation for the purposes of diagnostic medical imaging, interventional procedures and therapeutic treatment.
2471B0102XRadiologic TechnologistBone Densitometry
2471C1101XRadiologic TechnologistCardiovascular-Interventional Technology
2471C1106XRadiologic TechnologistCardiac-Interventional Technology
2471C3401XRadiologic TechnologistComputed Tomography
2471C3402XRadiologic TechnologistRadiography
2471M1202XRadiologic TechnologistMagnetic Resonance Imaging
2471M2300XRadiologic TechnologistMammography
2471N0900XRadiologic TechnologistNuclear Medicine Technology
2471Q0001XRadiologic TechnologistQuality Management
2471R0002XRadiologic TechnologistRadiation Therapy
2471S1302XRadiologic TechnologistSonography
2471V0105XRadiologic TechnologistVascular Sonography
2471V0106XRadiologic TechnologistVascular-Interventional Technology
247200000XTechnician, OtherA collective term for persons with specialized training in various narrow fields of expertise whose occupations require training and skills in specific technical processes and procedures; and where further classification is deemed unnecessary by the user.
2472B0301XTechnician, OtherBiomedical Engineering
2472D0500XTechnician, OtherDarkroom
2472E0500XTechnician, OtherEEG
2472R0900XTechnician, OtherRenal Dialysis
2472V0600XTechnician, OtherVeterinary
247ZC0005XPathologyClinical Laboratory Director, Non-physicianAn individual who is state-licensed as a clinical laboratory director and meets the qualifications in the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 for non-physicians (non-MD/DO) as defined in the CFR 42 Part 493.1405.

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