NPI Number Registry Lookup

About NPI Profile

NPI Profile is the top reference website for up-to-date NPI information about healthcare providers. Our site has a complete database of the NPI registry, PECOS, CLIA and Medicare information. Our free tools are designed to quickly and easily find the most current NPI NPI records in the National Provider Identifier registry.

The NPI database can be searched using any of the following terms: NPI Number, Doctor Name, Organization Name, Address, City, State, ZIP code, Taxonomy Code, Specialization or Provider Type. For example, enter "Jones Dentist Kansas" to retrieve all dentist providers in Kansas named Jones.

Our NPI records are updated monthly to ensure the most accurate information. The NPI information was last updated: September 11, 2023.

NPI Profile not only features the most current NPI registry information but our knowledge graph also includes NPI related information like PECOS status registration, Medicare participation and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) crosswalk information.

Use our NPI validation tool to verify and to learn more about the components of an NPI number. Our NPI PECOS crosswalk tool check if an NPI number is registered with PECOS and our NPI CLIA crosswalk tool matches NPI numbers with CLIA records.

To learn more about NPI numbers visit our FAQ page: View FAQs