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Search NPI Profile database of medical organizations enrolled in the NPI Registry. Entities self-identify their area of expertise, and this information is categorized and available on our website.

You can find a wide range of medical organizations by their area of specialization, including hospitals, laboratories, clinics, nursing facilities, residential treatment facilities, medical suppliers, and many other organizations. Our database contains approximately 1.67 million NPI records for medical organizations.


A hospital is a healthcare institution managed by a leadership team with medical and professional staff, and facilities for admitting patients overnight. Hospitals offer round-the-clock medical, nursing, and other services for patients who are sick or injured. Different states have specific criteria for what constitutes a hospital for licensing purposes.


A medical laboratory is an organization operating in a room or building with scientific equipment dedicated to research, testing, perform clinical studies of materials, fluids, or tissues obtained from patients.


A non-facility provider offers outpatient services that are not tied to a specific location, often referred to as outreach services. Unlike a medical group where individual practitioners are licensed or registered, the license or registration is held by the agency, not the individuals.

Clinics - Ambulatory Health Care Facilities

Clinics or ambulatory care facilities are places that provide medical services to patients on an outpatient basis. This means treatments or procedures are performed without the need for an overnight stay. These medical services can be provided at a permanent site or through a specially equipped mobile unit.

Hospital Units

A hospital unit is a specialized section within a general hospital, set apart by certain features. It maintains its own admission and discharge records, distinct from the rest of the hospital. When patients are transferred to this unit, their clinical information follows them. The unit operates under unique standards of care as outlined in the hospital’s review plan. Its beds are physically separate from the rest of the hospital's beds. Financially, it is managed as an independent cost center for budgeting and accounting purposes.

Managed Care Organizations

Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) are a type of health insurance provider that offers a network of healthcare services to its members under a predetermined pricing structure. The main goal of an MCO is to manage the cost, quality, and accessibility of healthcare services. The main types of MCOs are: Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), Exclusive Provider Organizations (EPOs) and Point of Service (POS) plans.

Nursing and Custodial Care Facilities

Organizations in this category are licensed facilities equipped with inpatient beds that focus on providing nursing care and daily living assistance.

Residential Treatment Facilities

Organizations in this category are residential facilities for individuals who, due to physical, mental, or emotional issues, cannot live on their own. These medical facilities offer treatments in a supportive setting that is less intensive than in a hospital. For instance, such a facility might offer educational programs and therapy for children with emotional challenges or ongoing care and therapy for adults with significant mental disabilities.

Respite Care Facility

Respite care facilities offer temporary overnight accommodation in dormitory-style rooms for patients who require assistance with daily living. These facilities are designed to provide short-term relief for regular caregivers.

Medical Suppliers

Medical organizations in this category include pharmacies and other various health care providers who offer medical products, medications, and related professional and administrative services.

Transportation Services

Organizations in this category offer professional transportation services for patients, tissue samples, or medical equipment to different locations.