Taxonomy Code 261Q00000X

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Taxonomy Code261Q00000X
Grouping:Ambulatory Health Care Facilities
Code Level:Level II - Classification
Definition:A facility or distinct part of one used for the diagnosis and treatment of outpatients. Clinic/Center is irregularly defined, sometimes being limited to organizations serving specialized treatment requirements or distinct patient/client groups (e.g., radiology, poor, and public health).
Medicare Specialty Code: Medicare Specialty Code Crosswalk
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70 - Clinic or Group Practice
Version:NUCC Provider Taxonomy Version 23.1
Last Updated:July 31, 2023
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96% Individuals
4% Organizations
60% Female
35% Male
96% Individual Providers (599)4% Medical Organizations (28,972)60% Female Providers (378)35% Male Providers (221)

The code 261Q00000X is the health care provider taxonomy code for clinic/center grouped under ambulatory health care facilities. NPI records indicate a total of 29,571 registered providers whose primary or secondary taxonomy code is clinic/center of which 378 are registered as females, 221 registered as males and 28,972 are organizations.

261Q00000X is a Level II - Classification taxonomy code used to describe a health care provider service or occupation related to the Provider Grouping. Taxonomy codes are self-selected by the health care provider. Their specialty is defined based on their education level and training. Taxonomy codes do not specify the actual services rendered by the health care provider.

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Similar Taxonomy Codes

Code Classification Specialization
261QA0005XClinic/CenterAmbulatory Family Planning Facility
261QA0006XClinic/CenterAmbulatory Fertility Facility
261QA0600XClinic/CenterAdult Day Care
261QA1903XClinic/CenterAmbulatory Surgical
261QA3000XClinic/CenterAugmentative Communication
261QC0050XClinic/CenterCritical Access Hospital
261QC1500XClinic/CenterCommunity Health
261QC1800XClinic/CenterCorporate Health
261QD1600XClinic/CenterDevelopmental Disabilities
261QE0002XClinic/CenterEmergency Care
261QE0700XClinic/CenterEnd-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Treatment
261QF0050XClinic/CenterFamily Planning, Non-Surgical
261QF0400XClinic/CenterFederally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)
261QH0100XClinic/CenterHealth Service
261QH0700XClinic/CenterHearing and Speech
261QI0500XClinic/CenterInfusion Therapy
261QM0801XClinic/CenterMental Health (Including Community Mental Health Center)
261QM0850XClinic/CenterAdult Mental Health
261QM0855XClinic/CenterAdolescent and Children Mental Health
261QM1000XClinic/CenterMigrant Health
261QM1100XClinic/CenterMilitary/U.S. Coast Guard Outpatient
261QM1101XClinic/CenterMilitary and U.S. Coast Guard Ambulatory Procedure
261QM1102XClinic/CenterMilitary Outpatient Operational (Transportable) Component
261QM1103XClinic/CenterMilitary Ambulatory Procedure Visits Operational (Transportable)
261QM1200XClinic/CenterMagnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
261QM2500XClinic/CenterMedical Specialty
261QM3000XClinic/CenterMedically Fragile Infants and Children Day Care
261QP0904XClinic/CenterPublic Health, Federal
261QP0905XClinic/CenterPublic Health, State or Local
261QP2000XClinic/CenterPhysical Therapy
261QP2300XClinic/CenterPrimary Care
261QP2400XClinic/CenterPrison Health
261QR0206XClinic/CenterRadiology, Mammography
261QR0207XClinic/CenterRadiology, Mobile Mammography
261QR0208XClinic/CenterRadiology, Mobile
261QR0401XClinic/CenterRehabilitation, Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (CORF)
261QR0404XClinic/CenterRehabilitation, Cardiac Facilities
261QR0405XClinic/CenterRehabilitation, Substance Use Disorder
261QR0800XClinic/CenterRecovery Care
261QR1300XClinic/CenterRural Health
261QS0112XClinic/CenterOral and Maxillofacial Surgery
261QS0132XClinic/CenterOphthalmologic Surgery
261QS1000XClinic/CenterStudent Health
261QS1200XClinic/CenterSleep Disorder Diagnostic
261QU0200XClinic/CenterUrgent Care
261QX0100XClinic/CenterOccupational Medicine
261QX0203XClinic/CenterOncology, Radiation

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