Taxonomy Code 163WP2201X
Registered Nurse Ambulatory Care

Taxonomy Code Details

Taxonomy Code
Grouping:Nursing Service Providers
Classification:Registered Nurse
Specialization:Ambulatory Care
Code Level:Level III - Area of Specialization
Definition:Not Available
Version:NUCC Provider Taxonomy Version 23.1
Last Updated:July 31, 2023
98% Individuals
2% Organizations
88% Female
10% Male
98% Individual Providers (2842)2% Medical Organizations (45)88% Female Providers (2544)10% Male Providers (298)

The code 163WP2201X is the health care provider taxonomy code for registered nurse grouped under nursing service providers with a specialization in ambulatory care. NPI records indicate a total of 2,887 registered providers whose primary or secondary taxonomy code is ambulatory care of which 2,544 are registered as females, 298 registered as males and 45 are organizations.

163WP2201X is a Level III - Area of Specialization taxonomy code used to describe a health care provider that chooses to pracice specific services. For instance, the area of specialization of Nursing Service Providers providers is determined by the Subspecialty Certificates issued by the different national boards. Taxonomy codes are self-selected by the health care provider. Their specialty is defined based on their education level and training. Taxonomy codes do not specify the actual services rendered by the health care provider.

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Level I Taxonomy Codes

Similar Taxonomy Codes

Code Classification Specialization
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163WA0400XRegistered NurseAddiction (Substance Use Disorder)
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163WC1500XRegistered NurseCommunity Health
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163WD0400XRegistered NurseDiabetes Educator
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163WF0300XRegistered NurseFlight
163WG0000XRegistered NurseGeneral Practice
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163WG0600XRegistered NurseGerontology
163WH0200XRegistered NurseHome Health
163WH0500XRegistered NurseHemodialysis
163WH1000XRegistered NurseHospice
163WI0500XRegistered NurseInfusion Therapy
163WI0600XRegistered NurseInfection Control
163WL0100XRegistered NurseLactation Consultant
163WM0102XRegistered NurseMaternal Newborn
163WM0705XRegistered NurseMedical-Surgical
163WM1400XRegistered NurseNurse Massage Therapist (NMT)
163WN0002XRegistered NurseNeonatal Intensive Care
163WN0003XRegistered NurseNeonatal, Low-Risk
163WN0300XRegistered NurseNephrology
163WN0800XRegistered NurseNeuroscience
163WN1003XRegistered NurseNutrition Support
163WP0000XRegistered NursePain Management
163WP0200XRegistered NursePediatrics
163WP0218XRegistered NursePediatric Oncology
163WP0807XRegistered NursePsychiatric/Mental Health, Child & Adolescent
163WP0808XRegistered NursePsychiatric/Mental Health
163WP0809XRegistered NursePsychiatric/Mental Health, Adult
163WP1700XRegistered NursePerinatal
163WR0006XRegistered NurseRegistered Nurse First Assistant
163WR0400XRegistered NurseRehabilitation
163WR1000XRegistered NurseReproductive Endocrinology/Infertility
163WS0121XRegistered NursePlastic Surgery
163WS0200XRegistered NurseSchool
163WU0100XRegistered NurseUrology
163WW0000XRegistered NurseWound Care
163WW0101XRegistered NurseWomen's Health Care, Ambulatory
163WX0002XRegistered NurseObstetric, High-Risk
163WX0003XRegistered NurseObstetric, Inpatient
163WX0106XRegistered NurseOccupational Health
163WX0200XRegistered NurseOncology
163WX0601XRegistered NurseOtorhinolaryngology & Head-Neck
163WX0800XRegistered NurseOrthopedic
163WX1100XRegistered NurseOphthalmic
163WX1500XRegistered NurseOstomy Care

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The taxonomy codes are unique alphanumeric codes, ten characters in length. The codes are divided into three distinct "levels": Provider Grouping, Classification, and Area of Specialization. The code set levels are organized to allow navigating down from generic classification to a provider's most specific level of specialization.

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