Taxonomy Code 225A00000X
Music Therapist

Taxonomy Code Details

Taxonomy Code
Grouping:Respiratory, Developmental, Rehabilitative and Restorative Service Providers
Classification:Music Therapist
Code Level:Level II - Classification
Definition:Music therapists use music interventions to assess clients' strengths and needs, develop goals, implement services, and evaluate and document progress for individuals of all ages. Music therapists facilitate changes in physical, cognitive, emotional, and/or psychosocial health.
Notes:Source: American Music Therapy Association
Version:NCCU Provider Taxonomy Version 23.0
Last Updated:January 01, 2023
87% Individuals
13% Organizations
75% Female
12% Male
87% Individual Providers (2632)13% Medical Organizations (402)75% Female Providers (2265)12% Male Providers (367)

The code 225A00000X is the health care provider taxonomy code for music therapist grouped under respiratory, developmental, rehabilitative and restorative service providers. NPI records indicate a total of 3,034 registered providers whose primary or secondary taxonomy code is music therapist of which 2,265 are registered as females, 367 registered as males and 402 are organizations.

225A00000X is a Level II - Classification taxonomy code used to describe a health care provider service or occupation related to the Provider Grouping. Taxonomy codes are self-selected by the health care provider. Their specialty is defined based on their education level and training. Taxonomy codes do not specify the actual services rendered by the health care provider.

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