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About NPI Profile

NPI Profile is the top reference website for up-to-date NPI information about healthcare providers. Our site has a complete database of the NPI registry, PECOS, CLIA and Medicare information. Our free tools are designed to quickly and easily find the most current NPI NPI records in the National Provider Identifier registry.

The NPI database can be searched using any of the following terms: NPI Number, Doctor Name, Organization Name, Address, City, State, ZIP code, Taxonomy Code, Specialization or Provider Type.

Our NPI records are updated weekly to ensure the most accurate information.

NPI Profile not only features the most current NPI registry information but our knowledge graph also includes NPI related information like PECOS status registration, Medicare participation and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) crosswalk information.

What is an NPI Number?

The National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique 10-digit identification number issued to healthcare providers in the United States. It's used for various administrative and billing purposes within the healthcare system. Our tool simplifies the process of finding these crucial numbers.

To learn more about NPI numbers visit our FAQ page: View FAQs

How do I find my NPI number?

Our suite of free online tools are designed to give you quick access to NPI information from different search access points:

NPI Number Lookup

Start with our fast and free NPI Lookup, this tool helps you quickly find any NPI number with ease.

Advanced NPI Registry Lookup

For more detailed searches, this tool offers granular control by using multiple parameters in your query.

Pecos Lookup

Find NPI numbers enrolled in Medicare's PECOS program.

CLIA Lookup

This tool is perfect for conducting NPI / CLIA crosswalks.

NPI Phone Lookup

Our NPI Phone Lookup performs reverse searches, making it simple to connect a phone or fax number with NPI numbers.

NPI Validation Tool

Our NPI Validation tool applies the ISO standard Luhn algorithm to validate NPI numbers.

Taxonomy Codes Lookup

Our Taxonomy Lookup Tool offers general information and statistics about healthcare specialties.