Rehabilitation Unit In Birmingham Alabama

NPI Name Type Taxonomy Address
1003248253LAURA NIEMANNIndividualRehabilitation Unit1600 7TH AVE S
(205) 638-9565
1720001019AFFINITY HOSPITAL LLCOrganizationRehabilitation Unit3690 GRANDVIEW PKWY
(205) 971-1000
1629171129ST. VINCENT'S EASTOrganizationRehabilitation Unit50 MEDICAL PARK DR E BUILDING 46, SUITE 300, FINANCE
(205) 838-5286
1235237900UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAMOrganizationRehabilitation Unit500 22ND ST S
(205) 934-6249
1801827670BROOKWOOD HEALTH SERVICES, INC.OrganizationRehabilitation Unit2010 BROOKWOOD MEDICAL CTR DR
(205) 877-1000
1992159370BBH BMC, LLCOrganizationRehabilitation Unit2010 BROOKWOOD MEDICAL CTR DR
(205) 877-1000

There are 6 rehabilitation unit registered providers in Birmingham, AL. In general, a distinct unit of a general acute care hospital that provides care encompassing a comprehensive array of restoration services for the disabled and all support services necessary to help patients attain their maximum functional capacity. Source: AHA Annual Survey p. A10 1996 AHA Guide. For Medicare, a distinct part of a general acute care hospital providing inpatient rehabilitation services that meets the following requirements. Rehabilitation Units have in effect a preadmission screening procedure under which each prospective patient’s condition and medical history are reviewed to determine whether the patient is likely to benefit significantly from an intensive inpatient program or assessment; ensure that the patients receive close medical supervision and furnish, through the use of qualified personnel, rehabilitation nursing, physical therapy and occupational therapy, plus, as needed, speech therapy, social services or psychological services and orthotic and prosthetic services; have a plan of treatment for each inpatient that is established, reviewed, and revised as needed by a physician in consultation with other professional personnel who provide services to the patient; use a coordinated multidisciplinary team approach in the rehabilitation of each inpatient, as documented by periodic clinical entries made in the patient’s medical record to note the patient's status in relationship to goal attainment, and that team conferences are held at least every two weeks to determine the appropriateness of treatment; have a director of rehabilitation who provides services to the unit and its inpatients for at least 20 hours a week, is a doctor of medicine or osteopathy, is licensed under State law to practice medicine or surgery, and has had, after completing a one-year hospital internship at least two years of training or experience in the medical management of inpatients requiring rehabilitation services.