Psychoanalyst In Georgetown Texas

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1497071534JERI LYNNE MANHALIndividualPsychoanalyst1618 WILLIAMS DR. SUITE 4
(512) 415-5549

There are 1 psychoanalyst registered providers in Georgetown, TX. Psychoanalysis is a comprehensive, theoretical framework which, when applied to a treatment process, consists of an intensive verbal, therapeutic relationship between an analyst and an analysand which aims for symptom relief, emotional growth, and personal integration. The psychoanalytic treatment process includes, but is not limited to, the recognition of unconscious processes and conflicts; the significance of developmental influences; and the impact of resistances, defenses, transference and countertransference phenomena. Treatment is enhanced by an understanding developed in the analyst’s training and personal analysis of unconscious manifestations, such as dreams, slips of the tongue, fantasies and day dreams. Psychoanalytic technique varies in relation to theoretical orientation.