Nurses Aide In South Bend Diana

NPI Name Type Taxonomy Address
1043671860ERICA K NORTHERNIndividualNurse's Aide1621 WILBER ST
(574) 703-4276

There are 1 nurse's aide registered providers in South Bend, IN. (1) An unlicensed individual who is trained to function in an assistive role to the licensed nurse in the provision of patient/client activities as delegated by the nurse; (2) An individual trained (either on-the-job or through a formal course generally of less than one year) and experienced in performing patient or client-care nursing tasks that do not require the skills of a specialist, technician, or professional. Examples of tasks performed by nurses aides include changing clothes, diapers, and beds; assisting patients to perform exercises or personal hygiene tasks, and supporting communication or social interaction. Specific education and credentials are not required for this work.