Nurse Practitioner Providers In Marmaduke, Arkansas

Search and browse NPI records of nurse practitioner registered healthcare providers with a business address in Marmaduke, AR. The total number of NPI records is 2, , all registered as individuals. (1) A registered nurse provider with a graduate degree in nursing prepared for advanced practice involving independent and interdependent decision making and direct accountability for clinical judgment across the health care continuum or in a certified specialty. (2) A registered nurse who has completed additional training beyond basic nursing education and who provides primary health care services in accordance with state nurse practice laws or statutes. Tasks performed by nurse practitioners vary with practice requirements mandated by geographic, political, economic, and social factors. Nurse practitioner specialists include, but are not limited to, family nurse practitioners, gerontological nurse practitioners, pediatric nurse practitioners, obstetric-gynecologic nurse practitioners, and school nurse practitioners.

100% Individuals
100% Female
0% Male
100% Individual Providers (2)100% Female Providers (2)0% Male Providers ()
Table of Nurse Practitioner NPI Profiles in Marmaduke, AR
NPI Name Type Specialty Address Medicare PECOS
1437465929BRANDICE A ROGERSIndividualNurse Practitioner
11508 HIGHWAY 49 N
(870) 597-1319
Accepts MedicareYES
1508533050APRIL ANN NUTTIndividualNurse Practitioner
11885 HIGHWAY 49 N
(870) 565-9205
Accepts MedicareYES

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