Licensed Practical Nurse Providers In West Middlesex, Pennsylvania

Search and browse NPI records of licensed practical nurse registered healthcare providers with a business address in West Middlesex, PA. The total number of NPI records is 1, , all registered as individuals. An individual with post-high school vocational training and practical experience in the provision of nursing care at a level less than that required for certification as a Registered Nurse. Requirements for education, experience, licensure, and job responsibilities vary among the states.

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0% Female
100% Male
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Table of Licensed Practical Nurse NPI Profiles in West Middlesex, PA
NPI Name Type Specialty Address Medicare PECOS
1699133769JOSEPH FEDRIZZIIndividualLicensed Practical Nurse4653 EVERGREEN RD
(724) 301-3356
Non-Participating ProviderNO

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