General Acute Care Hospital Providers In Burlington, Massachusetts

Search and browse NPI records of general acute care hospital registered healthcare providers with a business address in Burlington, MA. The total number of NPI records is 2, of which 1 are registered as organizations and 1 as individuals. An acute general hospital is an institution whose primary function is to provide inpatient diagnostic and therapeutic services for a variety of medical conditions, both surgical and non-surgical, to a wide population group. The hospital treats patients in an acute phase of illness or injury, characterized by a single episode or a fairly short duration, from which the patient returns to his or her normal or previous level of activity.

50% Individuals
50% Organizations
0% Female
50% Male
50% Individual Providers (1)50% Medical Organizations (1)0% Female Providers (0)50% Male Providers ()
Table of General Acute Care Hospital NPI Profiles in Burlington, MA
NPI Name Type Specialty Address Medicare PECOS
1265642557RICHARD ALAN OBERFIELDIndividualGeneral Acute Care Hospital
(Critical Access)
(781) 744-8383
Non-Participating ProviderNO
1558392563LAHEY CLINIC HOSPITAL, INC.OrganizationGeneral Acute Care Hospital41 MALL RD
(781) 744-8000
Non-Participating ProviderNO

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