Dietitian, Registered Providers In Santa Rosa Valley, California

Search and browse NPI records of dietitian, registered registered healthcare providers with a business address in Santa Rosa Valley, CA. The total number of NPI records is 1, , all registered as individuals. A Registered Dietitian (RD)/Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) is an individual uniquely trained in the science of nutrition and practice of dietetics to design and provide medical nutrition therapy (MNT) and other evidence-based applications of the Nutrition Care Process (NCP) that exemplify the profession's systematic approach to providing high quality nutrition care. Registered dietitians provide MNT for the purpose of disease prevention or management, or to treat or rehabilitate an illness, injury, or condition, with the use of specific, indicated physical and cognitive nutrition care services comprised of one or more of the following aspects of the NCP: nutrition assessment/reassessment, nutrition diagnosis, nutrition intervention (e.g., nutrition counseling, therapeutic diet ordering, and nutrition education) and nutrition monitoring and evaluation.

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Table of Dietitian, Registered NPI Profiles in Santa Rosa Valley, CA
NPI Name Type Specialty Address Medicare PECOS
1942651500DIANE GRABOWSKI-NEPAIndividualDietitian, Registered3038 SUMMIT CIR
(805) 491-2592
Non-Participating ProviderNO

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