Behavior Technician Providers In Warm Springs, Arkansas

Search and browse NPI records of behavior technician registered healthcare providers with a business address in Warm Springs, AR. The total number of NPI records is 1, , all registered as individuals. The behavior technician is a paraprofessional who practices under the close, ongoing supervision of a behavior analyst or assistant behavior analyst certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board and/or credentialed by a state (such as through licensure). The behavior technician is primarily responsible for the implementation of components of behavior-analytic treatment plans developed by the supervisor. That may include collecting data on treatment targets and conducting certain types of behavioral assessments (e.g., stimulus preference assessments). The behavior technician does not design treatment or assessment plans or procedures but provides services as assigned by the supervisor responsible for his or her work.

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Table of Behavior Technician NPI Profiles in Warm Springs, AR
NPI Name Type Specialty Address Medicare PECOS
1285056861JUSTINA LOUISE DELONGIndividualBehavior Technician1033 OLD BURR RD
(870) 245-3888
Non-Participating ProviderNO

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