Alzheimer Center Dementia Center In South Bend Diana

NPI Name Type Taxonomy Address
1295064525STARLIGHT CARE FACILITIES, INCOrganizationAlzheimer Center (Dementia Center)915 SO. 27TH STREET
(574) 204-7972

There are 1 alzheimer center (dementia center) registered providers in South Bend, IN. A freestanding facility or special care unit of a long term care facility focusing on patient care of individuals diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer's Disease or their related diseases. Six elements of the facility/unit set it apart from other (the rest of the) facilities(y): Admission of residents with dementia (including those with Alzheimer's disease); Staff who are specially selected, trained, and supervised; Activities that are specifically designed for the cognitively impaired; A marketing of a special care unit in brochures; A high level of family involvement; and A physical environment designed to keep residents safe and segregated from other populations.