Clinic/Center (Health Service)


Edmund Fisher, M.d.,inc is a clinic/center in Bakersfield, CA. Edmund Fisher, M.d.,inc NPI is 1003003401. The provider's taxonomy code is 261QH0100X - Clinic/Center.

NPI Profile Additional informationCallout TooltipNational Provider Indentifier (NPI)
The 10-position all-numeric identification number assigned by the NPPES to uniquely identify a health care provider.

NPI: 1003003401
Provider Name: EDMUND FISHER, M.D.,INC
NPI Entity Type: Organization Additional informationCallout TooltipEntity type code
The code describing the type of health care provider that is being assigned an NPI.
Codes are:
1 = (Person): individual human being who furnishes health care;
2 = (Non-person): entity other than an individual human being that furnishes health care (Examples: hospital, SNF, hospital subunit, pharmacy, or HMO).

Is Sole Proprietor?: N/A
Is Organization Subpart?: No Additional informationCallout TooltipWhat is a subpart?
Subparts are the components and separate physical locations of organization health care providers. Examples include:
Hospital components include outpatient departments, surgical centers, psychiatric units, and laboratories. These components are often separately licensed or certified by States and may exist at physical locations other than that of the hospital of which they are a component.

Enumeration Date: 09-28-2007 Additional informationCallout TooltipProvider enumeration date
The date the provider was assigned a unique identifier (assigned an NPI).

Last Update Date: 04-14-2014 Additional informationCallout TooltipLast update date
The date that a record was last updated or changed.

Authorized Official Name: KARLA GALINDO Additional informationCallout TooltipAuthorized official name
The name of the person authorized to submit the NPI application or to officially change data for a health care provider.

Authorized Official Title: OFFICE MANAGER
Authorized Official Phone: (661) 323-6200


The taxonomy code defines the provider type, classification, and specialization. For individual NPIs the license data is associated to the taxonomy code.

No. Taxonomy Code Type Classification Specialization License No. License State Is Primary?
1261QH0100X Additional informationCallout TooltipTaxonomy Code - 261QH0100X

Ambulatory Health Care FacilitiesClinic/CenterHealth ServiceA60418CAYes

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EDMUND FISHER, M.D.,INC address is 5301 TRUXTUN AVE SUITE 200 BAKERSFIELD, CA 93309 Get Directions